Saul's Anointing (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Hannah and Samuel

Read 1 Samuel 9-15

  • Why did the Israelites want a king? (because all their neighbors had one)
  • Is it a good idea to always get what our neighbors have?
  • Is there a commandment about that? (Ex. 20:17)
  • Was Saul tall or short? (I Samuel 9:2)
  • Why was Saul a good choice for a king? (I Samuel 9-11)
  • How did Samuel and Saul discover each other? (Saul was looking for his father's missing donkeys, and before he even had a chance to open his mouth, Samuel told him that they had been found. Saul was so impressed that he followed Samuel's leadings without question.
  • Why was there a private anointing? (Samuel's first anointing of Saul was done privately; Saul would need to grow into his position in order to garner the support of his fellow countrymen.)
  • What were the advantages of having a king?
  • What were the disadvantages of having a king?
  • Were the people just exchanging one form of bondage (Egypt) for another (King)?
  • What is the difference between a king and a prophet?
  • Whom did Saul have to listen to?
  • What was Saul's first mistake? I Samuel 13
  • Why was Saul disobedient?
  • What happens when we want things done on our time table instead of God's?
  • Saul was disobedient again and this time it cost him being king. What did he do wrong? (I Samuel 15:1-22)