Sixth Commandment (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Ten Commandments (6-10)

Read Genesis 4: 1-5

  • Why do you think we have a commandment that tells us not to kill?
  • Why is killing bad?
  • Who are Cain and Abel?
  • Did they know the commandments when they were kids? [NO – not written yet]
  • What kind of offering did Cain bring God?
  • What kind of offering did Abel bring God?
  • Why do you think Cain's offering wasn't acceptable to God?
  • What did he do? Why did he do it?
  • How does Cain respond to God when he asks him where Abel is?
  • What does God do to Cain for killing his brother?
  • What kind of mark do you think God put on Cain?