Solomon Becomes King (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Solomon

Read I Kings 1:32–48
  • Who were Solomon's parents? (David and Bathsheba)
  • Whom did David call to anoint Solomon? (Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet)
  • Who made Solomon ride King David's mule? (v. 38)
  • Where was Solomon sent? (Gihon river)
  • Who was Adonijah? And why was he afraid? (Adonijah was David's oldest living son, and he thought he was going to be king.)
  • Why was Solomon made king instead of Adonijah? (David's promise to Bathsheba)
  • Why was it unusual to allow Adonijah to live? (Because anyone who might be a threat to the throne should be killed. He was killed after he asked Solomon if he could marry David's nurse. Any physical association of someone with the king would suggest a desire to usurp the throne. Solomon then had Adonijah killed.)
  • What did Solomon ultimately do that displeased God? (He broke the 1st commandment. I Kings 11:8-13)
  • What lessons can we learn from Solomon?