Ten Lepers (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Gospel of Luke

Read Luke 17:11-19

  • What is this healing about?
  • What did these ten men ask Jesus to do?
  • What is leprosy?
  • What did the men have to do when they were within six feet of people? [Ring a bell and shout "Leper."]
  • Being a leper was very lonely because they could no longer live with their families. What did Jesus say to them?
  • Why did Jesus send them to the priest? [The priest had to declare they were clean and could re-enter society]
  • Were the men healed?
  • Who returned to give thanks?
  • Why didn't the other 9 turn back to thank Jesus?
  • Do we sometimes forget to thank people when they help us?
  • Do you remember to thank God when He helps you?
  • Why is it important to give thanks to God?
  • Why don't we do it more often?
  • For what things are you grateful?