Tenth Commandment (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Ten Commandments (6-10)

Read Genesis 25:27-34

  • What does it mean to "covet"?
  • Is this commandment outdated? Why or why not?
  • What did Jacob covet of Esau's?
  • Why didn't the birthright mean as much to Esau?
  • What is a birthright?
  • What else did Jacob covet that belonged to Esau?
  • What happened to the family when Jacob went beyond coveting to stealing?
  • Did Jacob break any commandments? [No, there weren't any commandments yet]
  • Why do you think coveting is the last commandment?
  • How many more commandments might someone end up breaking by disobeying the 10th Commandment?
  • What other Bible characters do you know who coveted something that belonged to someone else?