The Centurion's Servant (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Jesus (Healings)

Luke 7:1-10

  •  Who sent the soldiers to Jesus?
  • What is a “centurion”? (a Roman officer in charge of 100 or so men)
  • What did the men ask Jesus to do?
  •  Why did they talk about their master?
  • When Jesus arrives, who comes out to greet him?
  • Why did the centurion reject Jesus’ offer to see the sick soldier?
  • What did he ask Jesus to do?
  • Why doesn’t the centurion want Jesus to come to his house? [He is a Gentile and a Jew would be considered unclean if he entered his house – he is being kind and considerate]
    • What was his reasoning for telling Jesus just to speak the word?
    •  What was Jesus’ response to the centurion’s message?
    •  What happened to the servant?
  • What kind of faith was Jesus talking about?
  • Do we have that kind of faith? Explain.
  • What tries to keep us from having faith?