The Gibeonites (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Joshua

Read Joshua 9-10

  • What did the men of Gibeon do to the Israelites? (Josh. 9:1-15)
  • How did they dress?
  • What lies did they tell?
  • What kind of people disguise their true nature?
  • What did Joshua find out about the men of Gibeon after he made a pact with them? (Josh. 9:16)
  • What didn't Joshua do before he made a contract with the men of Gibeon?
  • Why is it important to pray before we make big decisions?
  • Were the men of Gibeon justified by being dishonest?
  • What would you have done instead? In chapter 10 of Joshua we have an incredible act from God.
  • What does Joshua ask God to do? (Josh. 10:12)