The Shunammite (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Elijah and Elisha

Read II Kings 4: 8-37

  • Elisha must have been an incredible man. Why? (a woman in Shunem invited him to eat bread; had her husband fix a room for him when he came to town - she saw he must be a man of God)
  • Do people know we belong to God when they meet us? Why or why not?
  • What would we need to do with our lives for others to see God through us?
  • Who was Gehazi? (Elisha's servant)
  • What did Elisha ask Gehazi? (what he could do for the woman)
  • What was Gehazi's response? (the woman didn't have a son)
  • Did she believe Elisha when he told her she was going to have a baby?
  • Did she have a son? (yes)
  • What happened to her son?
  • What did the Shunammite woman do when she noticed her son was dead? (put him on Elisha's bed, got a donkey and a servant to ride with her to find Elisha)
  • Where would she go to find Elisha? (Mount Carmel)
  • Why did she go get Elisha?
  • What was so special about him?
  • Did she go to complain?
  • When Elisha sent Gehazi to inquire if everything was all right, how did she respond? (It is well. Other translations say, "Everything is fine.")
  • Why didn't she complain?
  • Elisha understood something was wrong and after the woman told him her child had died, what did he do? (sent Gehazi with Elisha's staff to put on the child)
  • Did this revive the boy? (No)
  • What did Elisha do? (II Kings 4:33-37)
  • Was this healing like any Elijah performed? (I Kings 17:21)