The Twelve Disciples (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Friendship

Read Luke 5 & 6

Teachers might enjoy going to the "Bible Characters" section which focuses on the disciples.

  • What is a disciple?
  • How did Jesus select his disciples?
  • What were their names?

An easy way to remember the disciples' names is to create a pneumonic. For example T(oast) with P(eanut) B(utter) and 4 J(ams) + STAMP stands for Thomas, Peter, Bartholomew, John, James, Judas, and James, Simon, Thaddaeus, Andrew, Matthew, and Philip. Or you can say STAMP your T(oast) with P(eanut) B(utter) and 4 J(ams).

  • What do you know about each disciple?
  • Are you willing to be a disciple and follow Jesus?
  • How would you serve as a disciple?
  • Who is your favorite disciple? Why?