The Wise Men (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories), Jesus' Birth

Read Matt 2: 1-12

  • Who were these wise men?
  • How many wise men visited Jesus? [We don't know. People assume three because of the three gifts they brought. There is reason to believe there may have been as many as a few dozen wise men accompanied by guards and servants. The group was so large that it may have frightened King Herod. (Sandy Silverthorne. The Awesome Book of Bible Facts. Eugene Oregon: Harvest House Publishers.)]
  • What happened to the star when the Magi visited Herod?
  • How old was Jesus when the Magi arrived? (some say two years old or why else would Herod have the children under two killed?)
  • What kinds of gifts did they bring?
  • How useful were these gifts? [helped them survive in Egypt]
  • Why didn’t the wise men return to Herod?