Walk to Emmaus (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Read Luke 24:13-32

  • Who did Jesus encounter on the walk to Emmaus?
  • What did they tell Jesus about what had happened in Jerusalem?
  • What did Jesus tell them?
  • What did they feel after Jesus told about himself in the scriptures? [their hearts burned within]
  • Why did Jesus look like he was going on past Emmaus? [He didn't want to intrude on their dinner.]
  • What did Jesus do at dinner?
  • When did they recognize Jesus?
  • What did they do when they recognized Jesus?
    • Did they moan and complain about how stupid they were?
      • They didn't let self-condemnation get in the way of telling the good news about Jesus' resurrection.
    • How did Jesus' disciples greet each other after they found the empty tomb? [He is risen!]