Easter Fun

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Teach your children the real meaning of Easter and have fun, too. This activity has two versions to meet the needs of different age groups.

Version #1, Ages 7-10


  • Colored plastic eggs or
  • Colored envelopes (ones on which the children have drawn the events of Easter week) or
  • Brightly colored index cards [Editor's note: You can substitute the envelopes or index cards for the plastic eggs.]


  • Start this activity 2 to 3 weeks before Easter Sunday by studying the Easter story.
  • Make sure that the children have a solid understanding of the events, the timeline, and their significance.
  • Fill each egg or envelope with a piece of paper that describes an event, i.e. the disciples fall asleep, or Mary visits the tomb.
  • Before Sunday School, hide the eggs. If weather permits, hide them outside. Have the children find the eggs and bring them back to the circle. (Make sure you know how many eggs you hid, and that you have all of them back.)
  • Hopefully each child found one or two eggs so you can have them all participate in opening the eggs and reading the events. The more events you record, the more details your students will come to know.
  • As a group, have the students put together the Easter story, event by event.
  • As they retell the story, have them elaborate on the significance of certain events. It is also fun for them to tell the story to a younger class.

Version #2 Ages 4-7

Follow version #1, except fill the eggs or envelopes with questions about the Easter story. After they answer the questions, have them tell you the story.