Help in Goal Setting

Categories: Putting God First

How do we put God first in our lives? Talk about how to keep God first in all their activities. Ask them to pray at least 5 minutes every morning and again 5 minutes at night, and slowly increase the time they spend with God. Emphasize the importance of prayer as our conversation with God. Stress the importance of praying for our day, and for our safety at home and at school.

Help them realize God is their best friend. Make a list of the qualities they want in a friend, and see how God meets those needs.

Help them recognize how God is speaking to them. I often ask Sunday school pupils to ask God what they should wear each day and listen for His direction. God speaks to us in our own language, the way we'll understand it. It's important to learn to hear Him in the little things, because when something big comes along, we want a practiced understanding of our relationship with God to lead the way.

Recently, I heard a little one, not yet two years old, saying, "I can't do this." Over and over she'd say this. So, I finally went to see what was so difficult. She was putting a puzzle together and the pieces wouldn't fit. I asked her to say, "God is my mind and He directs me." We practiced saying it. When I was back in the kitchen, I heard "I can't do it." I said, "What can we say instead?" She would state, "God knows and I know." Or "God is my mind." Each time she did, she figured out how to do it. We can start very young in helping little ones trust God.