Interview Jesus

Categories: Jesus' Commandment - To Love as He Loved

Give every member of the class an opportunity to be Jesus or you can pretend to be Jesus. Let the class ask "Jesus" questions about his life and how he loved. Help the individual playing Jesus respond to the questions if he/she doesn't have an answer. Read a number of stories about Jesus, his healings and teachings.

Help pupils formulate questions. Example:

  • How did you feel when you saw a man being lowered through the roof of the house?
  • What did you pray before you fed the 5000?
  • Why is it important to love ourselves?
  • How do we love our neighbors?
  • Did you love everyone?
  • Give some examples of how you loved.
  • Did you ever get tired of healing people?
  • How did you know that Zacchaeus was worth redeeming?
  • What lessons do you want us to learn?