Interview a Woman from the Bible

Categories: Women in the Bible

Select one of the five women we have studied in Genesis and include two Marys from the Passion Week. Either the teacher or the pupils or all of you can come dressed as one of the following women: Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Mary (Jesus' mother) or Mary (the sister of Martha who anointed Jesus' feet).

Remember to read the Bible account of each individual you will be portraying the week before you come dressed as the character.

Ask someone to be the reporter; this person will interview you by asking questions about your life. You may want to prepare your questions as a class.

Some examples include:


  • Why didn't you trust that God would give you a child?
  • What was it like having a child when you were 90 years old?
  • What did you name your only son?
  • Why did you force your handmaid to have a child for you?
  • Why did you then force her to leave?
  • If you could have it to do over again, what would you do differently?


  • What country did you come from?
  • What were you asked to do to help Sarah?
  • What was your reward?
  • How did Sarah treat you after you became pregnant?
  • How did she treat you and your son?
  • Why were you forced to leave?


  • Why did you offer to water all of Abraham's servant's camels?
  • Do you regret leaving home to marry Isaac?
  • Why did you appear to like Jacob more than Esau?
  • When God told you the younger would rule the older, why did you force the issue? Didn't you trust God to keep His word?
  • If you could have a "do over," what would you have done differently?

Mary: (Jesus' mother)

  • What was the hardest part of being Jesus' mother?
  • What things surprised you about Jesus?
  • How did Jesus treat you?
  • If you could have, would you have tried to stop Jesus' crucifixion?
  • Did any of your other children take an active part in the church?

Mary: (Martha's sister)

  • Why did you anoint Jesus' feet with that extremely expensive nard?
  • What did Judas say about you anointing your Master's feet?
  • How did you feel when Judas said you should have sold the nard and given the money to the poor instead of wasting it on Jesus?
  • What did Jesus say in your defense?
  • What do you think Mary learned?