Make Puppets of the Story of the Three Hebrew Boys

Categories: Fear

Clean, old socks or lunch bags, pipe cleaners, buttons, construction paper, along with some glue and old fabric can make great puppets for helping the children tell the story. If you have a junk drawer full of little odds and ends, you can imaginatively create great puppets.

  • While the children are making the puppets, ask someone to read the story from Daniel 3 or retell it in his or her own words.

Teachers: If any of the instruments in the story are available for you to bring to church, it adds to the lesson. If possible, make an audio recording of each of these instruments and bring pictures of each one so the children can hear and see the differences. Once you have them recorded, they can be used in the telling of the story. If you have pupils who play a musical instrument, ask them to bring their instruments to class and they can provide the music for that part of the story.