Memorizing the Books of the Bible

Categories: Freshness and Newness

January is often a good time to review memorizing the books of the Bible. Ask the students to name the books in order. If they are still struggling, help them find a way to learn each book. Start with smaller chunks: Torah or first five books of the Bible; followed by some history of moving into the Promised Land, having judges for the people and then the people wanting kings instead of judges. See what happens when we try to live life our way and not God's way. From the history, move into literature and then the prophets. That covers the Old Testament. In the New Testament – learn the Gospels and then look at the beginning of the Christian church through Acts of the Apostles and the letters. Help them create pneumonics to help remember. Discuss why it is important to be able to find each book of the Bible and to understand why it's included in the Bible.