Miriam Facts for 3-8 Year Olds

Categories: Moses, Women in the Bible

  • Miriam is the older sister of Aaron and Moses.
  • When Pharaoh’s daughter finds Moses in a basket, Miriam offers to find a Hebrew mother to nurse the baby for her.
  • Miriam takes Moses back to her mother.
  • After they leave Egypt, Miriam dances and leads a victory song known as the “Song of the Sea.”
  • Miriam is also called a Prophetess - someone through whom God speaks.
  • When she and Aaron grumble against Moses, she comes down with a case of leprosy.
  • Moses immediately pleads to God on her behalf; she is healed.
  • Josephus (historian) states that Miriam marries Hur, Moses’ close companion.
  • In other documents she is purported to be Hur’s mother and the wife of Caleb.
  • Her death is recorded in Numbers 20.
  • There is no specified time of mourning for Miriam.