Moab Facts for 9-13 Year Olds

Categories: Abraham and Sarah

  • Moab was Lot’s grandson and the son of Lot’s eldest daughter.
  • He was conceived after Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.
  • His name might mean something like, “Who’s your father?”
  • The word also refers to the people of Moab.
  • The highlands east of Jordan and the Dead Sea and south of Amon comprised the territory of Moab.
  • The area was fifty miles long and thirty miles wide.
  • It had natural boundaries on three sides.
  • The land is known for its rolling hills and many streams, making it good for pasture.
  • The Moabites lived for 8 centuries, starting with 1400 BCE.
  • Their main god was Chemosh.
  • They lived in Canaan before the Israelites came.
  • After the Israelites moved into Canaan (the Promised Land), there were many skirmishes as the people of Moab tried to keep their land.
  • Relations between nations were generally tense whenever they shared a border.
  • Ruth, the great grandmother of David and one of only four women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy, was a Moabite.
  • In 1868, a German missionary discovered the Moabite Stone.
  • The stone has 34 lines that tell of wars with Israelite kings.
  • The Babylonians wiped them out in 582 BCE.