Modern Day Parables by Caryl Krueger

Categories: Jesus (Parables)

Choose a well-known parable for each student (do this in advance so each has time to think about his parable). The parable is to be told in modern language so it is difficult for others to identify it. Good parables of Jesus are: Building upon the rock or the sand (Matthew 7: 24-27), The rich fool (Luke 12: 15-21), The lost coin (Luke 15: 8-10), The lost sheep (Matthew 18-12-14), The good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37), The prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-24), The prodigal's brother (Luke 15: 25-32). The object is to see how long the story teller can continue until the parable is recognized. For example, in telling the parable of the prodigal's brother, the teller might say: "This guy was very good, did what he was told, but one day his feelings were really hurt when he saw what was going on at his house...."