Categories: Freshness and Newness

Supply each student with a small spiral notebook with three or more divided sections.

In section one – list Spiritual Goals and Progress. This is where the new year of achieving the spiritual goals begins.

Section two can include Bible verses or stories or phrases from sermons that help them move forward in their understanding of God. These often make good bumper stickers for their rooms. If they find appropriate pictures, they can add the Bible verse and turn it into a poster. Here's an example using this year's theme of "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

    Ps. 119:105

After reviewing their entries, you might suggest making post-it notes of verses or phrases that will inspire them throughout the week.

One of my pupils needed encouragement about a relationship challenge. We found Bible verses that helped her change her thinking, then we made post-it notes for her mirror, school notebook, lunch box, and locker as places to remind her to maintain her joy and keep on loving.

Section three should list healings or lessons learned or whatever you deem appropriate for your age group. Sometimes I've had them list what they are learning about God and God's Word. The point is to inspire them to maintain a record of their spiritual journey.

Last week, I pulled some journals from the shelf and the students compared their progress from three years ago when they were in a different class. Everyone expressed joy about his or her progress. No one was disappointed. In fact, the teacher must be vigilant in establishing a regular review and support in helping achieve those goals, otherwise it just appears to be words or busy work.