Perez and Zerah (Tamar's Twins) Facts for 3-8 Year Olds

Categories: Family

  • Judah picks Tamar as a wife for his first son, Er.
  • He dies, but Tamar wants him to have an heir.
  • She tricks Judah into lying with her.
  • Tamar gets pregnant with twins.
  • Judah is the father.
  • When Tamar is in labor, one of the babies puts out his hand.
  • The midwife ties a red cord on his hand, but the other baby is born first.
  • Tamar names that baby Perez.
  • The first baby is named Zerah.
  • The Book of Ruth states there are nine generations between Perez and King David.
  • Perez is, therefore, an ancestor of Jesus.
  • Zerah is the second twin.
  • Zerah is also mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus.
  • After the fall of Jerusalem, one of his descendants marries one of Perez’s descendants, keeping the House of Judah intact.
  • No one knows how they died.