Questions on Family

Categories: Family

  • Create a family tree for Jacob and his family
  • Discuss why brothers and sisters should be each other's best friends
    • if you're not best friends, why not?
      • How can you remedy this?
      • Do you realize God gave you to each other to help and support one another?
    • Make a list of all the things you love about your brother or sister.
    • if you don't have a brother or sister, list all the ways you are a good friend.
  • What kinds of parents are Jacob and Rachel?
  • Talk with your family about favoritism, tattle-telling, envy, and revenge.
  • Ask your parents how they learned to handle those problems.
  • What are Joseph's characteristics as a father?
  • What causes strife between family members?
    • What did the coat Jacob made Joseph do to his sons?
    • Do you ever feel as though your brother or sister gets more than you do?
      • How do you deal with it?
      • How do your parents help you to not be jealous of something someone else receives?
    • What can you do if a sibling receives better or poorer grades than you?
  • Create a photo album of people, things, and events for which you are grateful. With digital cameras it is easy for students to take pictures and paste them into an album or put them into a notebook. Under each picture, label what you are grateful for. Ex. You could have a picture of your Mother. Underneath it write: I am grateful for Mom for driving me to soccer practice three times a week. The next picture might be of Mom cooking or of the dinner table prepared for a meal. Then write, I'm grateful for all the wonderful meals Mom fixes for me and the family. Another picture could be of Dad mowing the lawn. Underneath the picture you might write: I am grateful Dad loves us so much that he is willing to do projects around the house to make it look beautiful. It could be a sibling or other family members, or activities the family participates in, like going to church, sporting events, movies, hikes, etc.