Role Play Different Scenes that Lead to Forgiveness

Categories: Forgiveness

There are some great lessons on forgiveness. On different Sundays, you might want to role play different scenes that lead to forgiveness.

Learning to forgive in light of all that is going on in the world is important. Let's help our pupils love more for every hate, forgive for every intended or unintended hurt or put down, and let the mind of the Christ be active in our lives.

Role Play:


  • Esau and Jacob as young boys, men, grown men with children
  • Rebekah asking Jacob to deceive Isaac
  • Jacob deceiving Isaac
  • Esau's reaction to Isaac and Jacob
  • Laban telling Rachel that she has to let Jacob marry Leah
  • Leah and Rachel talking to each other about the wedding [Did Rachel ever forgive Laban or Leah?]
  • Jacob talking to God about his fears of seeing Esau again
  • Jacob's conversation with Esau when they meet for the first time in 21 years


  • Jonah's conversation with the men on the deck of the boat
  • Jonah's prayer in the belly of the great fish
  • Jonah's and God's conversation after getting out of the great fish


  • The conversation between Jesus and Zacchaeus


  • Stephen talking to the crowds before and during the stoning