Shorts and Shirts

Categories: Beatitudes

Debbie Schleiffer, a Sunday school teacher from Columbus, Ohio, offers another way to engage pupils in memory work.

Cut out shirts and shorts from construction paper using templates below OR photocopy template shapes onto colored paper. You may choose to enlarge the template size on the photocopier. If you enlarge one shirt to fit on one 8.5 x 11 inch paper, then you have room to write an entire Bible verse on it.

Depending on the size you choose, write many words (such as an entire Beatitude) on a large-sized shape OR write a single word on a medium-sized shape (such as "The", "Lord", "is", "my", "Shepherd"…) OR write a single letter on a small-sized shape (such as "G", "O", "D").

Display: Hang shirts and shorts on a length of yarn strung up by clothespins. Very colorful!

Tip: Laminate your shapes at a copy shop for continued use. (Construction paper will fade even when laminated. Try various quality papers.)

Game: Mix up the order of the words and put them back together. They can be rearranged very easily for additional creative learning. Goal: Memorization.

Tip: Use these shapes in summertime only. (Use mitten shapes in wintertime and hang them on a pine tree background.)

Debbie Schleiffer
Sunday school teacher