Sixth Commandment Chart

Categories: Ten Commandments (6-10)

Read: Ex 20:13 and Genesis 4:1-5

Why did Cain react so violently against his brother? Discuss anger management and make a list of ways to overcome anger. Which commandments get broken before a person arrives at the point of breaking the 6th Commandment? Coveting, lying, stealing, breaking promises. Work with the students to help them establish Love's sweet control over their mouths and their actions.

Make a chart. Label the left column: If Bad Thoughts Suggest. And label the right column: Think Good Thoughts and Actions. Title it: WHO IS IN CONTROL?

Who Is In Control?
If Bad Thoughts Suggest Think Good Thoughts and Actions
I am mad Be at peace. Let God control the situation.
I want that toy and I'm going to take it. Be still. The same words Jesus used to quiet the storm are the same words he told the angry men in the temple – peace – be still. God supplies what you need.

The important part of this chart is the discussion of how to respond to negative thoughts with good thinking and acting.