Student Chronology

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Take eight sheets of paper and label Sunday through Sunday. Now list all the events that the students know happened each day. Put them on the wall in your class. If they aren't sure what happened, look at the Chronology of Events or read directly from one or all of the Gospels.

On the first Sunday, write: the 10th of Nisan, this is the day the lamb was set aside for sacrifice on the Passover. Discuss the symbolism of Jesus being called the Lamb of God in relation to this day. What else happened on this day? What is this day called in other Christian religions? [Palm Sunday]


Wherever possible, have children draw pictures of some of the events and include under each day. For example, on Sunday – you could have Jesus riding the colt into Jerusalem or complete the Can You Find? exercise, color it, and include the picture with the Sunday information.

  • Discuss the activities of the week. As you discuss each day, ask the children to write the important events on the correct day of the week. Have the students color pictures or create pictures for the events and include them on the list for the day.
    • On which day did Jesus remove the money changers? (color Jesus Whipping the Money Changers Out of the Temple)
    • Why did Jesus remove them?
    • What were the money changers doing that was so bad?
    • On which day did Jesus observe the widow putting all her money in the collection?
    • On which day did the fig tree shrivel up?
    • On which day did Jesus wash his disciples' feet?
    • On which day did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a colt?
    • On which day did Jesus pray in the Garden of Gethsemane?
    • On which day did Peter deny him?
    • On which day were the trials held?
    • On which day was Jesus crucified?
    • On which day was the tomb empty?
  • Read the parable of the ten virgins (Matt 25:1-13)
    • Why did Jesus share this parable?
    • What are we to do?
    • Why didn't the wise give the foolish some oil?
    • What lesson do you learn from the foolish virgins?
  • Read the Parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-30)
    • What talents, skills, abilities do you have?
    • Are you using what God has given you or are you hiding it?
  • Add another sheet. Label it "Sightings." List all the times Jesus appeared to the disciples on the sightings sheet.