Teaching the Golden Rule

Categories: Golden Rule

  • Create a top "ten" list of Golden Rule behavioral traits.
    • That might include: Honesty, integrity, kindness, and so on.
    • Create a poster with the traits listed.
    • Post it where it will be a daily reminder to do good to others.
  • Create a top "ten" list of Golden Rule followers.
    • Who in the Bible practiced the Golden Rule?
      • Okay, maybe the Golden Rule hadn't been written yet, but who did good to others?
      • After you have your top ten list – create a poster. Draw pictures of these Bible characters or download some of the pictures from BibleWise to add to your poster.
  • Create your own Golden Rule commandments.
    • Thou shalt share.
    • Thou shalt not argue.
    • Thou shalt help your parents without being asked, etc.
      • Once you have your top "ten" list – the ones that you can and want to obey -- you can draw pictures to add to your poster or
      • With the help of an adult, take digital pictures of family members, church members, friends living your Golden Rule commandments and put them on your poster.
        • If you do family members, you can post it as a reminder for the family.
        • You can put it on your family web-site.
        • If you take pictures of people in your church, post on a bulletin board so everyone can see it or post it on your church web-site.
        • You can always send it to BibleWise to include.