The Obedience of Joshua

Categories: Joshua, Obedience

Talk about the obedience of Joshua. Ask them to do five different things. Anything that would show obedience. Example:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Fold your hands
  3. Praise God
  4. Clap your hands once and say "Amen."
  5. Open your eyes

Did everyone do each detail? If not, discuss why not? Why is it difficult to be obedient or why is it easy? You might ask them to pick up trash in the parking lot (make sure it is safe) or help with children in the nursery when they come into sing. Find ways for them to follow. Help them to think through who they are obedient to. We don't follow all orders. If someone told them to steal candy, they wouldn't obey. Talk about Gideon's obedience in light of making sure the orders were from God. Talk about Samson's disobedience. He was an example of human will run wild.