A Retelling of The Prodigal Son

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The following is one Sunday school teacher's retelling of the parable for kindergarten girls.

No matter what age group you teach, share with us how you teach Jesus' parables and we'll put some of these ideas on BibleWise.

The Spoiled Princess
by Christie Hanzlick

Once upon a time, there was a princess who didn't want to wait to grow up and get her own castle. So she asked her dad, the king of the kingdom, to give her all the money and jewelry that she would eventually get NOW. And he said, "OK," and gave it to her.

She took all that money and jewelry and left the kingdom and went to a big city and went shopping and bought a huge house, but she didn't clean it up, and it got completely ruined, and then she went around spending all of her money and doing really silly things with her jewelry. And then her money and her jewelry were all gone.

And then the princess found herself without any money and no way to even feed herself. She was in a field eating crumbs and things that were left over by the pigs and animals who were eating in the field. And then she thought, "My father the King has lots and lots of good fields and he feeds his servants very well. I will go back to my dad and tell him that even though I am no longer worthy of being his daughter, I would like to be his servant and work in one of his fields."

So the princess went back to her father, the King. And when the King saw her coming toward the kingdom, he jumped up and yelled to his servants to get a bubble bath ready for her, and to get new jewelry, and to make a big fancy dinner for her. And he ran as fast as he could out to meet her on the road, and he put his big arms around her and hugged and hugged her. She said, "Daddy, I am not worthy to be your daughter…but I would like to work in your fields." And the King said, "I am so happy you're home. Come and have a big feast to celebrate, my precious princess! I love you and have always loved you and always will."