True Friendship

Categories: Friendship

The BibleWise article, Our #1 Relationship, focused on understanding how God is our Parent and Best Friend. This article, True Friendship, examines how to improve our friendships with others.

After reading the article on True Friendship discuss the following questions:

  • Ask your pupils to retell the parable of The Good Samaritan in modern terms. Who might be the Levite today? The Priest? The Samaritan? The one in need? 
  • Answer the questions Jesus asked:
    • Who is my neighbor?
    • How can I act neighborly or be a neighbor or friend?
  • Read the last paragraph from the article and answer:
    • How do we love ourselves?
    • Strangers?
    • Friends?
    • And those who make life difficult for us?
    • How can love transform our lives?