"Twenty Questions" with Bible Characters

Categories: Old Testament / New Testament, Power of Prayer, Putting God First

Here is another review exercise for children who like to be somewhat dramatic and competitive. You need to prepare this in advance of your class as homework.

This activity produces lively discussions. Children love games. This game gives them the opportunity to become an authority on one Bible character.

Each pupil is given a sealed envelope with the name of a Bible character inside. Write on the outside of the envelope:

When class starts, each pupil will ask questions that require only "yes" or "no" responses or one-word answers. No more than twenty questions can be asked about each individual. Whenever someone has enough clues, he or she may guess who you are. Whoever guesses the most characters correctly or in the shortest number of questions, wins.

If you can guess someone's identity with less than 5 questions being asked, you get 15 points; 6-10 questions - 10 points; 11-15 questions - 5 points; 16-20 questions - 3 points.

Sample Characters:

Moses Solomon Daniel
Ishmael Jonah Meshach
Jesus Abed-nego Miriam
Esther Rebekah Ruth
Rachel Naomi Sarah
Boaz Mary Samson
Hannah Gideon Martha
Samuel Hagar Benjamin
Abraham Elijah Jacob
Elisha Esau David
Joseph Saul Noah
Hezekiah Joshua Job
Isaac Nehemiah  


Sample Questions:

Are you from the Old Testament? Yes

Did you live prior to Moses? No

Were you royalty? Yes

Were you a king? No

Were you married to a king? Yes

Was there a problem in the court? Yes

Do you believe in God? Absolutely!

Were you asked to do something heroic? Yes

Did your doing it save lives? Yes

Do you want to guess? Who is this person? ESTHER