Washing Your Pupils Feet

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

You might want to actually wash your pupils' feet. Bring a basin, towels, water, and lotion. While washing their feet, ask students to read John 13:1-17. Let them wash your feet, if they offer. The most important part of this activity is discussing how they felt.

  • What did you think when I asked if I could wash your feet?
  • What was it like to have your SS teacher wash your feet?
  • How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus washed their feet?
  • Could you understand why Peter was reluctant to let Jesus wash his feet?
  • What does this activity symbolize?
  • Why did Jesus wash their feet?
  • Why don't we wash each other's feet today?

I did this activity a few years ago with my Sunday school class. It received mixed reviews, initially. When the SS secretary came around for the collection, she was curious about the activity and asked if we'd wash her feet. The pupils jumped at the opportunity and shared the story of Jesus washing his disciples' feet. They, in turn, asked her how she felt. She loved it and it was difficult to get her to leave. She thought the lotion on the feet was quite nice. After washing my feet, we all sat on the floor and talked about what it would have been like at that Passover meal. We discussed how we could symbolically take "foot washing" to a modern day level of caring for each other, regardless of age or position in the church, school, or community. You might ask them if there is anyone whose feet they wouldn't want to wash and discuss why.