Write a Letter to Mom

Categories: Motherhood

With Mother's Day approaching, this would be a good time to ask your pupils to write a letter that tells what they love most about their mothers. You might ask them to add specific details about what they have learned from their mothers. Statements such as "Mom you're great, I love you" are nice, but giving an example of a special experience they have had with their moms is much nicer – it's thoughtful.

Ex: "Dear Mom, I love you. You make every day special. Do you remember when we went canoeing and I tipped over the canoe by accident, and ruined your new shirt? You didn't get mad, you just told me it was part of the learning experience. Do you remember when I ran the canoe into the bank and hit a tree and all the spiders fell out? Again, you didn't get upset. Thanks. I also appreciate it when I need to talk, you always have the time. You're the best mom ever."

Don't leave grandmothers, aunts, or other church members and friends out of the letter writing, either.