Write a Letter to Dad

Categories: Fatherhood

With Father's Day approaching, this would be a good time to be like Peter and write a letter. Unlike Peter, this letter would be to the student's father. You might ask them to write a letter that tells what they love most about their fathers. What are some of their memorable moments -- ones they'll always cherish? You might ask them to add specific details about what they have learned from their fathers. Statements such as "Dad you're great, I love you" are nice, but give an example of a special experience they have had with their dads.

Ex: "Dear Dad, You are a one-of-kind-dad. I love you. Thanks for teaching me how to ride my bike without training wheels. Do you remember when you taught me how to catch fly balls and one landed right in my eye? I'll never forget how you sat there holding me and calmly telling me everything was all right. I could trust you and more importantly I realized I could trust God's love for me at that moment.

Thanks for your comforting words and the ones that discipline me too. I appreciate it when you listen to me. Thanks for being the greatest Dad."

Don't leave grandfathers, uncles, or other church members and friends out of the letter writing either.