A Lesson about Casting Lots

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Lily, I just listened to Jonah tell his story. He talked about casting lots.


Yes, it's a great story. I like how he explained that lots were two-colored stones. One side was black and the other side was white.


Right. And "casting" means "throwing." So, they threw the stones just like some kids ask questions from the 8-ball or a Ouija board.


Exactly. If the answer was "yes," both stones would come up white.


And, if the answer was "no," both stones would come up black.


When you got one white stone and one black stone, it meant to wait.


Why do you think they cast lots?


Most of the people, who used them, didn't know God and didn't realize they could get their answers from God.


So they relied on the throwing of stones - casting lots - for answers instead of talking to God.


It's a much better idea to ask God for guidance.

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