Shep and Lily - David's Prayer Journal

Categories: Gratitude (Thanksgiving), Psalms


Shep, Bible Characters say that David kept a prayer journal?


Yes. His prayers are praises to God - isn't that cool? And they can be found in the book of Psalms in the Bible.


That's exactly right! Even though David was a great warrior, he liked to write songs to God. I bet he was a great warrior because he wrote songs to God!


That makes sense, Lily - if we're praising God, then we can do great things in our lives. What's his most famous Psalm?


That's easy: the 23rd Psalm.


Right! He wrote that when he was a shepherd.


And he wrote Psalms 59 when he was trying to escape Saul.


In Psalms 7, he tells us why he couldn't kill King Saul.


David was a shepherd, a musician, a warrior, and a king. It's pretty amazing to see that his Psalms reflect his whole life.


Boys and girls, why don't you read Ps. 30 about thanksgiving?


Then we can make a list of all that we're grateful for.


We can even write to God tonight and start our own prayer journals!


I'm going to go do that right now. Come join me!


If you write a Psalm, send it to and we'll post it.

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