The Prayer of Jabez

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How do you pray?


I just talk to God.


Is that praying?


The important part of prayer isn't asking, it's listening.


But aren't there different kinds of prayer?


Yes, sometimes you do ask for God's help, just like Jabez.


Who is Jabez?


Well, there isn't a whole lot written about him in the Bible.


What book is he in?


I Chronicles 4:9-10.


Doesn't that book just list a bunch of names?


Right – the list is like a family tree.


If you look at the verses before and after 9 and 10, most people get mentioned just once. Jabez was special.


Well, the Bible says he was more honorable than his brothers.


Was it because he prayed?


It looks that way.


The prayer is in verse 10.


Let's say it together.


Please bless me God; enlarge the borders of my life; Stay close to me God; and keep me from evil.


What does "enlarge the borders*" mean?


It can mean lots of things, but I like to think it means asking God to enlarge my faith and my ability to trust Him with every part of my life.


Could I ask Him to enlarge my ability to be kind to others?


Of course, that's a good prayer. We can all ask to be more loving and understanding of one another.


So what is "evil?"


I like to think of it as anything that would keep me from putting God first.


Like – fighting with your brother or sister? Or not doing what your parents ask?


Yes, and more. Staying clear of evil means not getting angry, or hating anyone, or finding fault with others or making fun of kids in school.


Avoiding evil is a lot like being obedient to the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we want them to do to us.


I think you've got it.


So how often do you pray?


Every day. From the time I get up until I go to bed.


When do you go to school or get your homework done, if you're praying all day long?


It's just an on going chat with God. I start the day with "Good morning, God." Sometimes I pray the prayer of Jabez before I get out of bed.


Do you use the prayer of Jabez every day?


I sure try to. I want to ask God's blessing before my day begins and I want God to stay close to me all day long. Prayer isn't difficult – you've just got to do it.


It sounds like you talk to God as though He is your friend.


I do and God is my best friend. I can tell him anything. Best of all, He is always talking to me.


I'm going to start praying every day. I think I'll use Jabez's prayer and ask God to bless me right now.


Good, and you can trust that God will bless you.


* NASB Translation

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