Lessons from Job

Categories: Job, Power of Prayer, Putting God First


That was an interesting story about trusting God. What other lessons can we learn from Job?


Don't blame God when things don't go the way you want.


How about not letting friends influence you and cause you to doubt God?


That's true, and we shouldn't let other's opinions determine our happiness


Let's remember not to try and figure out God's plan for us, but just listen and follow Him.


It's important not to find your identity in things, like designer jeans, Game Boys, or toys, but with God.


Don't talk back to God; instead, listen and obey.


We can talk to God about anything: we just need to do it.


It's good to remember we don't know more than God or better than God.


We're not God!


Complaining isn't pleasant to hear, is it?


No, it all comes down to trust. We can trust God with our lives!


Job learned that's the only way.

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