Shep and Lily — Josiah, the 8 year-old King

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At what age can you be a king?


Would you believe any age?


You mean a teen-ager could be a king?


In biblical times, there were kings as young as seven years old.


You're joking. At seven you could be a king?


Next month on Kids Korner we are going to talk about Joash, who became king at seven. This month let's look at King Josiah.


How old was he when he became king?


Josiah was eight years old. He was a good king.


What can you do as a king when you're so young?


Well, unlike previous kings, Josiah really loved God and didn't worship gods or idols. He noticed that parts of God's temple were worn out so he hired workers to put it back in working order.


You mean he hired workers to patch up the temple?


Yes, and while they were working they discovered scrolls.


What was on the scrolls?


God's laws. King Josiah was shocked that the people had forsaken God's laws.


What kind of laws? Something like the Ten Commandments?


Yes, and other laws. So he told the people in his kingdom that they must obey God.


I bet that made God happy.


It did. And because of their obedience, God blessed King Josiah and his people.


Question: How long was Josiah king? Read II Kings 22:1 for the answer.

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