Psalms Written by Our Readers

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Shep, have you ever tried to write a psalm?


What's a psalm?


You know, it's a song of praise to God or a prayer or thanksgiving.


Oh, like the 23rd Psalm - The Lord is my shepherd!


Yes, that's right. Well, six of our readers answered some questions about God and ended up writing the following psalms.


Why don't we ask all our readers to write Psalm 151.


Some boys and girls already have sent us their psalms and some with pictures.


Pictures? What a great idea. Write Psalm 151 and send us a picture.


Psalms 151

By Wesley

Thank you, God, for everything. I like volcanoes. Thank you for the bursting lava.

Thank you, God, for making everything on earth, in this galaxy, and each planet and its moons, the stars, the sun, and the universe.

Thank you for food and stuff we need. Thanks for making me happy.

I like compliments. Please tell me I'm good and you like me.

Help me when I'm afraid to be alone. The dark makes me want to hide under my covers. Help me be brave to close my eyes and sleep.

I am most grateful for You, God. You created me strong. Walk me without stumbling. Help me not be too tired to take one more step.

Don't let my muscles get weak. Don't let me fall. Pick me up, energize me, after all You created me.

WDB age 8 Houston, TX


Psalms 151

By Jacquelyn

Thank you, God, for keeping me safe. I love you.

You made everything here on earth. You are very helpful all around the world. I'm glad you made us.

Thank you, God, for making me glad. Thank you, God, for loving me and my family.

Thank you for loving my brother and seeing his needs. Give him the strength to walk, run, and jump. Keep him from falling and feeling sad.

Hold me tight the way I hug and kiss my Mom. Help me not feel hurt when my parents say, "No."

Please help me feel safe when the lights are out. I am grateful for you, God, and all that you have made.

JMB age 5 Houston, TX


Psalms 151

By Taylor

Dear God, you are a great God. Thanks for making me. Thank you for making everything so beautiful.

I haven't a clue why Adam and Eve disobeyed you, but do I need to pay for it?

Help me make new friends when I feel alone. Help me feel the joy of spending time with my mom and my dog.

I'm sad when I have to leave my Mom and puppy. Getting on a plane alone freaks me out.

Thank you for keeping me safe. Don't let evil spirits spook me or make me afraid. Keep my friends safe and my enemies far away.

Help me when I'm sad my Dad died. Where are you God when I am afraid?

I know You made the world. I trust You to be in my life. I trust You to keep me alive.

TGS age 11 Aurora, IL


Psalms 151

By Fantayza

I am grateful for family and happiness.
God makes me feel very safe.
The one thing I want for the world is peace.
I'm sad when people leave.
If I could say something to God, it would be God, you are extraordinary.
If God would say one thing to me, it would be you are all you need to be.
Thank you God.

Fantazya 8 years old San Jose


Psalms 151

By Elana

Thank God for flowers, fishes and Mommy and Daddy.
You make me happy, God.
I like my dogs, Buster and Lily.
I like to dance, and swim in the little pool.
I love my friend, Arabella.
I am not afraid of anything except the big slide.
I know God is Love.

Elana - Age 3 Los Angeles


Psalms 151

By Katie

God is everywhere and in everyplace.
Thank you God, for trees, over the hill and up to the sky.
I love to spin around and dance fast.
I'm happy with peanuts, Jots, hats, guitars, and Sponge Bob.
I don't feel sad because You are everywhere.
Thank you for following us all around.

Katie - Age 3 San Jose

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