Lessons We Can Learn from Samson

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Samson is an interesting guy. He's probably the biggest athlete in the Bible.


Do you think they'd have a sports card for Samson?


Yeah, and it might look like this:


Age drafted: before birth

Agent: an angel

Team: Nazarites

Years in the Pros: 20

Position: Pitcher Total

Strikeouts: Over 4000

Batting average: 1000

Favorite bat: donkey's jawbone

Major strength: hair

Major weakness: Delilah


I think he would have been a great wrestler. Samson killed a lion with his bare hands.her son to God and let him live in the tabernacle.


I think he would have been a weight lifter. Remember when he tore the huge gate of the city off its hinges and carried it to the top of the hill?


He did that to show the Philistines that someone with God on his side was stronger than a whole city.


His final act was bringing down the entire temple by knocking out the huge pillars.


Well, Samson had a strong body, but he let down God and the people of Israel when he allowed Delilah to cut his hair.


Nazarites were never supposed to get a hair cut.


What do we learn from Samson?


I don't need a hair cut!


No, Shep! We learn that we shouldn't let anyone tempt us to do something wrong.


Oh, they may tempt us, but we should say "No" to the temptation and stay close to God.

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