Disciple Who am I?

Categories: Easter (Passion Week), Jesus' Disciples

Assign each student a disciple's name and then have them all create clues about who he is.

They can use the clues below and find others in the Bible.

For example: Clues:

  1. I fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  2. I cut off a soldier's ear.
  3. I bragged I'd always defend Jesus.
  4. I denied Jesus – 3 times.
  5. I helped start the early Christian church.

    Answer: Peter

The class members try to guess the name on the first clue. They earn the points of the numbered clue that leads to the right answer. Lowest score wins.

Other examples:

  1. I am a fisherman.
  2. My brother and I are known as the "sons of thunder."
  3. I was the first disciple martyred.
  4. My brother was Jesus' youngest disciple.

    Answer: James
  1. I was the treasurer for Jesus' disciples.
  2. I objected to Mary pouring expensive ointment on Jesus' feet.
  3. I sold information about Jesus to the Jews for 30 pieces of silver.
  4. I betrayed Jesus.

    Answer: Judas
  1. I asked Jesus questions about how to get to heaven.
  2. I told the disciples I wouldn't believe Jesus was resurrected unless I could put my fingers in the nail prints.
  3. Jesus forgave me for my doubts.

    Answer: Thomas
  1. I am probably the most aggressive disciple Jesus has.
  2. I am known as a Zealot.
  3. I am willing to die for Jesus.

    Answer: Simon the Zealot
  1. I was a tax collector until Jesus invited me to travel with him.
  2. A gospel has my name.
  3. I was also called Levi.

    Answer: Matthew
  1. My brother is a fisherman with me.
  2. We are the sons of Zebedee.
  3. Jesus usually called on me to help him.
  4. I was the first disciple to realize Jesus had not died.

    Answer: John
  1. I belonged to the group known as the "inner circle" even though my name did not always appear with the top 3 disciples.
  2. The day John identified Jesus as the "Lamb of God,"
  3. I immediately followed him and asked my brother to join me.
  4. I was a fisherman who left my nets to follow John the Baptist.
  5. I found a lad with 5 loaves and 3 fishes when Jesus fed the 5000.

    Answer: Andrew
  1. My name means "son of ploughman."
  2. Some people think my name is Nathanael and that my other name is my family name.
  3. Not much is written about me except that as Nathanael, Jesus saw me standing underneath a tree.

    Answer: Bartholomew
  1. I am the son of Alphaeus
  2. I'm often called ____the less.
  3. Very little is known about me and I usually appear at the bottom of the lists of disciples,showing my lack of importance.

    Answer: James the son of Alphaeus
  1. At the last supper, I asked Jesus to show us the father.
  2. I am also from Bethsaida.
  3. I invited my friend Nathaniel to follow Jesus.
  4. I tried to convince Jesus we'd need six months of wages to buy food for the 5000. Boy, was I wrong!

    Answer: Philip
  1. My name confuses people.
  2. Most people think my name is Judas son of James.
  3. However I go by different nicknames – one of them is Lebbaios and the other is what you are guessing.

    Answer: Thaddeaus