Jesus' Disciples

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Jesus Question to Peter

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Peter Drops the Net
Read Luke 5:1-11

Judas Betrayal
Read Matt 26:69-74; Mark 14: 66-72; Luke 22:54-65

The Call to Serve
Read Matthew 4:18-22

The Disciples Learn Lessons
Read Matthew 5-6; Matthew 8:23-27; Matthew 18:21-35

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Holy Land Tours

  • Caesarea (Part 1) - Peter and Herod Agrippa I, Paul's journey to Caesarea, Paul and Philip and Agabus
  • Caesarea Philippi - Saul is blinded and turns to Christ, Jesus asks his disciples who do men say I am, many of Jesus' healings are discussed, Peter proclaims Jesus is the Christ, Peter worries about Jesus safety
  • Capernaum - Jesus heals Jairus' daughter, Jesus heals a man in the synagagoue, Jesus visits Peter's home and heals his mother-in-law
  • Mount Tabor - Jesus' transfiguration on the mountain
  • Netanya - Peter meets Cornelius, Peter's vision of giant picnic blanket, Peter eats with Gentiles
  • The Passion Week - The story of Jesus' crucifixion and his resurrection
  • The Temple - Jesus' family travels to the temple, 12 year old Jesus talks with teachers in the temple, Jesus throws moneychangers out of temple, Peter and John heal man at the gate of the temple
  • Tiberias - Jesus gathers his disciples