Daniel in the Lions' Den

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Daniel in the Lions' Den
Daniel 6

Daniel was so wise that the king of Babylon made Daniel into a powerful ruler. Some of the Babylonian leaders who helped the king did not like that.

The angry Babylonian leaders wanted to get rid of Daniel, and tried to find a way to get him into trouble. Daniel, however, was an honest, righteous man. They could not find anything wrong with him. Three times a day every day, Daniel prayed to God. He was a faithful man.

Finally Daniel's enemies came up with a wicked idea. They said, "Let's make a new law. Everyone in Babylon must worship our king, and no one else. Anyone who breaks the law will be thrown into the lions' den. Then if we catch Daniel praying to his God, he will be breaking the law, and we can put him to death."

After Daniel heard about the new law, he did not stop praying to God. He was not afraid of the horrible trap his enemies had set up for him.

The men arrested Daniel and had him thrown into the lions' den. The king of Babylon, who loved Daniel, did not want to punish him. But he knew he had to obey the new law.

That night, the king could not eat or sleep. He was concerned about Daniel. Very early the next morning, he got up and quickly went to the lions' den. He was overjoyed when he saw that Daniel was still alive!

"My God sent His angel, who shut the mouths of the lions," said Daniel. "They have not hurt me because I have done nothing wrong against God. Neither have I done anything wrong to you, O king."

The king became angry against Daniel's enemies and had them thrown into the lions' den. Then the king said, "Everyone in Babylon must worship the God of Daniel!"

Can you find your way through the maze in the lion's mane?

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