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Jesus practiced what he preached in the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, we could say that Jesus’s whole life was a sermon, a lesson in how to live a good life, a God-centered life. We want to live a good and happy life, too.

So let’s learn more about how Jesus spoke and healed with authority, with power from God. We’ll focus on two healings.

When Jesus and his disciples got into a boat to go across the Sea of Galilee, a big storm came up. His disciples, who were super good fishermen, were so scared, so it must have been a mighty storm. Jesus, on the other hand, was not scared at all. In fact, he was asleep. So his disciples woke him up … and then watched in amazement as he stilled the storm instantly.

Later, a man who was paralyzed (that means he couldn’t move) was brought to Jesus on a stretcher by some other men. They must have expected Jesus to heal the man. What faith they must have had! And what love they showed to bring this man into the presence of the Christ. Of course, Jesus restored his health, healing both sin and sickness!

We can think about what it must be like to sit at the feet of Jesus. So much love! And we can obey what Jesus told us to do. We have our Bibles to turn to and find out how to live, how to love, how to treat each other with respect, and how to bless others.

Enjoy the fun and games that remind us how to still storms and heal sin and sickness. 

Remember, Jesus loved little children. And no matter how many years you’ve been on this earth, may you always remain little children in spirit and thought and action.

God bless you!

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