Egypt and the Sinai Map

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Look at the map of Egypt and the Sinai. After studying the map fill-in the blank map.

  • Name each wilderness marked with an X
  • Name the mountains marked with a
  • Name the cities in the Sinai peninsula marked with a •
  • Use a red crayon or pencil to trace the journey of the Children of Israel.
    • Start by using the original map and your Bible.
    • Read the journey of the Children of Israel. Ex. 15:22-16:1, 17:1,19:1,2, Num. 12:16, 13:26

Map markers:

  1. After crossing the Red Sea, they went to the wilderness of______.
    [Ex 15:22]
  2. The Children found water in the city of ______, but the waters were bitter. [Ex. 15:23]
  3. They left Marah to travel to ______.
  4. How many wells did they find there? ______
    [Ex. 15:27]
  5. From Elim they went to the wilderness of ______. [Ex. 16:1]
  6. When the Children of Israel left this Wilderness, they went to ______. [Ex. 17:1]
  7. Which wilderness did they go to next? ______ [Ex. 19:1]
  8. From the Wilderness of Sinai they traveled to ______.
  9. This city was the stop before moving to the Wilderness of ______. [Num. 12:16]
  10. After leaving the Wilderness of Paran, the Children of Israel traveled to ______. [Num. 13:26]

    After leaving Kadesh, the Children of Israel wandered to:
    • the Wilderness of Zin
    • Edom
    • North past the Negeb
    • Moab
  11. Then they went past the Dead Sea to what mountain? ______ [Deut. 34:1]
  12. What land has God given to the Children of Israel? ______ [Deut. 32:49]

If you would like to fill in more detail on your maps, show the following:

  • Red Sea
  • Gulf of Aqaba
  • Dead Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Nile River
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Arabian Desert
  • Sea of Reeds
  • Egypt
  • Canaan

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