God's Word in Your Heart

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God's Word in Your Heart Colossians 3:16

What is one way we can grow closer to God and become stronger in the Christian life? Memorize God's Word in our heart!

To memorize something means to repeat it in your mind again and again so that you'll never forget it. That's what Colossians 3:16 encourages us to do: "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." That means we are to let God's Word live in us richly.

When we memorize Bible verses, we will...

  • know God better
  • know His promises to us
  • know the right way to live
  • know how to treat other people

Also, when we memorize Bible verses, we can take them with us wherever we go! Then if we need help from God, we can remember what He says to us, even if we don't have our Bible with us.

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