How I Use My Bible

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Hi, boys and girls!


Do you know this is National Bible Week?

Your answer_____________________.


Do you have your very own Bible?
Your answer_____________________.


How often do you read your Bible or have someone read it to you?

Your answer_____________________.


What's your favorite Bible story?

Your answer_____________________.


Tell your favorite Bible story to your family!


Or friends…


Or Sunday School class.


How many books are in the Bible? 

Your answer_____________________.


There is an easy way to remember. How many letters are in the word, old?




How many letters are in the word, Testament?




Put the numbers 3 and 9 next to each other and you get?



Right, there are 39 books in the Old Testament.


Well, how many are in the New Testament?


Okay, how many letters in the word, new?


3 – isn't this the same thing all over again?


Just wait. How many letters in the word testament?




Now, if you know your multiplication tables, multiply 3x9.

If you don't, ask someone to help you.


OK, the answer is 27.


That's right, Shep. So there are 27 books in the New Testament.


So, if I want to know how many are in the whole Bible I add 39 and 27 together and get 66 books in the whole Bible.




Make sure you read something everyday from the Bible.


This is a good time to be reading some of the Psalms of praises.


Read Psalm 100.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


And a great Bible week.


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