Israel's First King

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Israel's First King
1 Samuel 8-10

Israel was ruled by God, but the other nations were ruled by human kings.

Israel wanted to be like the other nations, so the people went to Samuel and said, "We want a king like the other nations have."

Samuel was not happy. "God is your King," he said. But the people would not listen.

God told Samuel, "Go ahead; give them a king. But warn the people that a human king will make life harder for them."

In another place in Israel, a man named Kish lost his donkeys. Kish had a tall, handsome son named Saul. He said to Saul, "Our donkeys are lost. Go look for them, and bring them back."

Saul and a servant searched for three days, but could not find the donkeys. When they heard that Samuel was nearby, Saul said, "Maybe Samuel can tell us where the donkeys are."

When Saul came up to Samuel, Samuel said, "The donkeys have already been found." Then Samuel poured some oil on Saul's head and said, "God has chosen you to become the first king of Israel." Saul was very surprised! Now the people of Israel were happy because they had their own king.

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